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B&N Fabrications and Pipework specialists in steel fabrication.

We have over 40 years of specialist experience in steel fabrication and process pipe work as well as storage tanks, pressure vessels and structural steel work. B&N Fabrications and Pipework Ltd are able to offer you a top quality service whether it's engineering and construction or maintenance and repair. Central to the company is the skill of the work force and the fact that many major companies insist on B&N welding expertise for inspection certificate purposes, speaks for itself.

B&N Fabrications and Pipework Ltd have a wide ranging experience in the petrol, chemical, leisure, marine, vehicles (including aluminium lorry repairs) and general engineering industries.
In addition to mild and carbon steel, aluminium, other nickel  and copper alloys are skilfully precision fabricated using different procedures and processes as required including flux core, gas tungsten and manual metallic arc welding.

B&N Fabrications and Pipework Ltd take pride in their work and strive to keep you the customer happy assured of top quality workmanship rigorously assessed, completed to a schedule with health, safety and environmental protection at the forefront of their planning and organisation.

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